Competence centre for electronics and radar sensors
For intelligent fuzes and safety devices

In the JUNGHANS T2M competence centre for electronics and radar sensors at the La Ferté Saint Aubin site in France, design, development, production technology and production teams are fully focused on electronic fuze products – from concept to mass production. A total of 150 highly qualified employees, including 45 engineers and technicians from the research and development department, construct reliable electronic fuzes, electronic safety and arming devices and sensors and technologies for signal processing, in particular for radar proximity fuzes.
Electronics with innovation requirements: overview of reliability and precision
In the competence centre for electronics and radar sensors, our design engineers have all the modern tools required for the integration, assembly and testing of electronic fuzes, modules and safety and arming devices. This includes an SMT assembly line, testing equipment and special techniques for tempering electronics embedded in ammunition. We ensure the best possible reliability and highest precision with optimally coordinated sensors and signal processing, antennae and microwave circuits, and high-voltage electronics for safety and arming devices with EFI detonators and integrated software.

Our expertise for electronic fuzes:

  • Security architecture
  • Electronic fuze design
  • Proximity radar sensors / RF and microwaves / FMCW
  • Sensors and signal processing
  • Embedded, tempered, fail-safe electronics and software
  • Electronic S&A device design
  • EFI / LEEFI technology
  • High-voltage electronics
  • High G electronics
  • Microwave and inductive technologies
  • Explosive film initiators

Pioneers from tradition: focus on quality and safety

JUNGHANS Defence is one of the first companies to have developed and manufactured electronic fuze devices since the development of the technology in the 1950s. Our technology has proven itself since the first generation of artillery proximity fuzes. Driven by this success story, we develop and produce reliable electronic fuzes of all types and for every weapon and ammunition system. To this day, the name JUNGHANS Defence stands for the highest quality and safety – a reputation that we also want to maintain in the future.

Sustainability from responsibility: flexibility and tested safety
At JUNGHANS T2M, we produce electronic fuzes and components such as electronic circuit boards (SMT) for tempered integrated applications with maximum flexibility from prototype to small and medium series to large-scale production. In doing so, we cover the entire performance spectrum and take over the integration, assembly and testing of electronic fuzes and S&A devices as well as test bed design and production – with state-of-the-art analysis, testing and test equipment capabilities, even for the highest demands and requirements.

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