Pyrotechnic competence centre and fuze agents
Fuze technologies for military, police and civilian use

A chain is always as strong as its weakest link. That is why we at JUNGHANS Defence keep a check on all the details of our fuzes and safety equipment and offer maximum reliability at all levels – from pyrotechnic components through other fuze agents to peripheral energy materials. Our employees develop and manufacture complete fuze chains with this care and in-depth specialist knowledge. We ensure the quality and specifications of various components of our industrial partners through detailed controls.

Fuze chains and safety and arming devices: proven technology or newly developed
We develop and manufacture every kind of fuze chain for our fuzes or safety and arming devices to provide flexibility in offering products with different technologies. This includes safety and arming devices with fuze chain interruptions with mechanical or electromechanical elements. Our expertise covers the entire spectrum of innovative high-level technologies, such as fully electronic in-line safety and arming devices based on detonators with a high energy supply (slapper detonators or EFI).

New developments for even greater efficiency: EFI, LEEFI and miniaturised electromechanics
At JUNGHANS Defence, all the technologies in the area of electronic safety and arming devices with EFI, including the detonator, are available to us. This opens up ways for us to make further innovative developments in the field of fuzes and safety and arming devices. In a current project, we are working on new safety and arming devices based on EFI and LEEFI detonators as well as miniaturised electromechanical safety and arming devices using fuze chain components that are also miniaturised. These new developments make in-line safety and arming devices even smaller, more cost-effective and easier to adapt.

Flexibility through structural advantages: individual components perfectly coordinated

Our suppliers and partners include our subsidiary DynITEC and our parent companies Diehl Defence and Thales. DynITEC is one of the leading manufacturers of detonating and fuze agents as well as energy materials in the military sector. The proprietary and self-produced, radio-controlled fuze systems fulfil a wide range of blasting tasks for the military, air force and navy, as well as police and special units. For the civilian market, special civilian fuze systems are made available – reliable, safe and absolutely precise. The DynITEC special products are manufactured entirely in Germany and are totally reliable thanks to the “Made in Germany” quality seal for the global automotive, energy supply and safety industry.

Your advantage at JUNGHANS Defence: as the majority owner and main customer of DynITEC, we define the properties of the fuze components ourselves and tailor them individually to your requirements as needed.

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