The brand "JUNGHANS Defence" stands for JUNGHANS Microtec GmbH, Germany, with its 100% subsidiary JUNGHANS T2M S.A.S. France.

JUNG­HANS Defence is a lea­ding supplier of all types of munition fuzes and Safety & Arming Devices (SAD) for rockets, missiles, guided munitions, shoulder-launched weapons and torpedoes.

The com­pa­ny deals ex­ten­si­ve­ly with such di­ver­se fiel­ds as pre­ci­si­on en­gi­nee­ring, elec­tro­me­cha­nics, elec­tro­nics, py­ro­tech­nics and ma­te­ri­al tech­no­lo­gies to pro­vi­de its cust­o­m­ers with safe, re­lia­ble, high-per­for­mance pro­ducts in the fiel­ds of highly g-hardened fuzes and igni­ti­on sys­tems.

JUNGHANS Microtec GmbH is the Centre of Competence for precision mechanics, mechanical fuzes and fuze components including (mi­cro-me­cha­ni­cal) sub-as­sem­blies and me­cha­ni­cal Safe­ty and Ar­ming De­vices. The company includes an environmental test centre and a highly specialized toolshop, which serves both internal and external customers.


JUNGHANS T2M S.A.S. is the Centre of Competence for fully electronic fuzes, electronic components and sub-assemblies, sensors, signal processing and proximity radar technologies.

Even though we are two legally separated companies, we do not make a distinction in our daily operative business; after all we are two closely linked and strongly interacting Centres of Competencies for hybrid fuzes, i.e. fuzes that integrate both mechanical and electronic components. The “we are one company” self-perception is unconditionally given top priority. This strong perception is also expressed with the brand "JUNGHANS Defence".