We consider our corporate values​ to be a success factor for JUNGHANS Defence. These values make an important contribution to a strong and affirmative corporate culture, and not least to a positive overall result. 


Our values ​​are reflected in our mission statement and the business principles that we have established internally and externally in the company and which we incorporate in our actions.


Our mission is to design, develop, manufacture and commercialize munitions fuzes and missiles safety & arming devices for our industrial and governmental customers. Leveraging on the skills and expertise from its German and French centres of competencies, JUNGHANS Defence is the undisputed leader in Europe, offering a unique portfolio addressing all types of munitions ranging from medium calibre to ballistic missiles.

With more than one hundred years’ experience, the JUNGHANS name is associated with safety, innovation, reliability. We are proud of our track record, without a single accident ever reported.


We master all core technologies to provide a large range of state-of-the-art solutions to its customers and partners. With more than 20% of turnover dedicated to Research & Development, innovation is at the heart of our strategy to meet modern warfare requirements by improving munitions safety, efficiency and operational performances.

We like to be seen as a reliable and long-term partner by our customers. Delivering best value-for-money and customer satisfaction is our obsession.


JUNGHANS Defence is totally committed to Sustainable Development and recognises it as a process of change that meets the needs of today without compromising those of future generations by the effective utilisation of natural resources. This commitment is achieved by ensuring that the direction of investments, the orientation of technological development, and institutional change are all in harmony. 

Sustainable Development strategies and principles, ethical practices, and issues involving safety, health and the environment are central to the decision-making processes and programmes. 


JUNGHANS Defence administers and manages Sustainable Development, employing Key Performance Indicators, in four process areas; 

  • Planning and Risk Management
  • Operational Implementation
  • Assessing and Monitoring to signpost any corrective action
  • Management Review and Continuous Improvement