JUNGHANS Defence is the European leader in the domain of fuzing and fuzing technologies, which are very specific, demanding comprehensive expertise and a specialised background. The company possesses, in-house, all of the skills and technologies required for this product domain, and has over many decades developed a high level of expertise with detailed knowledge and understanding of the designing, engineering and manufacturing of high performance and high precision fuzes and Safety & Arming Devices (SAD) for all types of munitions and missiles, including mechanical engineering, electronic design and the integration of energetic materials.

The company offers numerous types of mechanical, electro-mechanical and electronic fuzes, either directly to the end-user or to munitions manufacturers, both ready-to-use products for artillery, mortar, aerial bombs, rockets and infantry grenades, and fuzing modules to be integrated into the complex munitions or missiles systems of partner companies (e.g. SAD for missile warheads).

JUNGHANS Defence is able to address a wide range of applications from simple medium calibre low cost ammunition to sophisticated Safety & Arming Devices for missiles. The company favours an innovative approach to the use of modular designs wherever possible, leveraged upon existing technologies; this supports JUNGHANS Defence strategy of delivering effective customized solutions and sustaining the long-term supply of these strategically important products.

The company focuses all industrial and technical assets and capacities upon fuzing activities, and therefore fully understands and is able to exploit the various critical technologies (e.g. mechanical, electronic and pyrotechnic) and functions (e.g. time, impact, proximity and multifunction) that are necessary to develop and produce high performance fuze products.


Utilising its German and French centres of competencies, JUNGHANS Defence manages extremely modern industrial assets, thus ensuring flexible and long-term sustainability of manufacture of these critical components. The company is committed to further investment in the fuze domain, with over 20% of turnover entirely dedicated to Research & Development activities, utilising a team of more than 50 dedicated engineers and technicians.

JUNGHANS Defence possesses the unique asset of being able to fully assess the customer's actual needs with an objective view, and then propose the most optimised, suitable and reliable state-of-the-art design solutions incorporating unmatched safety standards, and which fully satisfy the stated requirements.

The team is currently working on a new generation of proximity sensors and new airburst fuzing solutions, designed to deliver unmatched performance across a wide range of fuzes in both direct and indirect fire domains, whatever the calibre.

New operational requirements for munitions and missile fuzing systems are increasingly demanding improved safety, greater flexibility and enhanced terminal effects. The new generation of fuzes will therefore have to provide munitions with enhanced performance based on sophisticated and complex functionalities incorporated into the fuze design. To deal with this increasing demand, the JUNGHANS Defence fuze design team continuously strives to provide innovative solutions based on cutting-edge technologies.