JUNGHANS Defence was one of the first companies to be able to design and produce electronic fuzes following the emergence of this technology in Europe in the 1950’s, with this technology initially being employed in the first generation of artillery proximity fuzes.

Since that time, JUNGHANS Defence has continued to design and produce electronic fuzes of any type, and for any weapon and ammunition system, with a recognised high-level of quality and safety in design and manufacture.

As the centre of competencies for electronics, JUNGHANS T2M SAS is equipped with the most modern equipment for the integration, assembly and testing of electronic fuzes and electronic modules, including a Surface Mounted Technology assembly line, testing equipment, and specific techniques to harden munition embedded electronics.

With more than 35 engineers and technicians, the electronic R&D team is skilled in electronic fuze and Safety and Arming Device (SAD) design. The main areas of expertise include, but are not limited to, hardened embedded electronics, sensors and signal processing, antenna and microwave circuit design and simulation, high voltage electronics (for EFI detonator based SAD), and embedded software.


The electronic development team can also draw upon JUNGHANS Defence parent company’s group tools, including modelling and expertise as regards to specific technologies.