The design and manufacture of fuzes and Safety & Arming Devices (SAD) clearly implies the integration of pyrotechnic components, explosive initiators and energetic materials.

The JUNGHANS Defence design and manufacturing teams have a strong background in this discipline, either in the design of explosive firing trains or in the specification and control of various types of components provided by industrial partners.

JUNGHANS Defence is working in this field together with several suppliers and partners, including its subsidiary company DynITEC, and its parent companies Diehl Defence and TDA Armements.

JUNGHANS Defence has the capability to design any type of firing train for its fuzes and SAD. The company is able to propose products based on the different technologies in this field, either for out-of-line SAD, with interrupted train, with mechanical or electromechanical devices, or for in-line SAD, fully electronic, based on the use of high-energy initiator (slapper detonator or EFI). JUNGHANS Defence owns all the technology regarding the EFI based SAD, including the detonator itself.


At the forefront of the fuzing and SAD technologies, JUNGHANS Defence is also currently working on new technologies in this domain, including Low Energy EFI and LEEFI based ESAD, as well as developing miniaturized electromechanical SAD which also employs miniaturized pyrotechnic components.

JUNGHANS Microtec GmbH's 59%-owned subsidiary DynITEC provides a broad range of pyrotechnic elements / explosive devices. Furthermore, an innovative remote-controlled initiation system including the unique feature of digitally coded electronic detonator is available.