If you are applying for a position at JUNGHANS Microtec, you should first give your chosen profession, or dream job, some thought. What are your skills and talents? Also include your interests and think about which of those could be used in your professional career.


And then of course you should always check whether you meet our criteria for a particular traineeship or position: Do you have a school-leaving qualification, for example?


If you have found your matching apprenticeship or job posting with us, you can apply.


To ensure that your application is successful, you should send the following documents in the form of a PDF file as an attachment (if possible, only one document please):


Your cover letter should convey that you are self-confident, but realistic. Mention what you already know about the position you are applying for and what interests you in this position in our company. Also expand on what skills and experience you bring to the company. It is also advantageous to provide information about internships, languages ​​or social engagement, for example, in sports clubs or honorary or volunteer positions. You can refer to the numerous sample letters on the internet if you are unsure how to formulate yours. But do not simply copy empty phrases; it is important to add your individual touch to your cover letter. Surely, you want to stand out from the competition with your cover letter.


This is another means to stand out from your competitors – the motivation letter (also called the ‘third page’). However, a letter of motivation only makes sense if there are elements in your CV that are particularly worthy of explanation. This could for example be the case if you have management experience or if the wealth of your experiences would go beyond the parameters of a CV. Avoid listing and expanding on things that could easily have fit in the CV or cover letter.


You CV should include the following information:

  • Name and surname
  • Date and place of birth
  • Marital status
  • Nationality
  • Education history
  • School-leaving qualification/s
  • Military or civilian service
  • Already completed or abandoned education/training
  • Professional experience and further education/training
  • Foreign languages
  • Qualifications
  • Special knowledge/skills (EDP, etc.)
  • Internships

You can also include your hobbies and interests in your CV. Structure your CV according to sections (personal information, education, etc.) and sub-sections and use highlighting to distinguish sections.

But always make sure that the information is correct and complete.


Depending on your professional experience, please include the following testimonials with your application:

  • School-leaving certificates
  • Internship certificates
  • Training certificates
  • Testimonials from your studies (diploma, examination, bachelors, masters, etc.)
  • Job references

When you submit a written application, please only attach copies of testimonials and certificates!


If you have acquired any other qualifications in addition to your schooling and basic vocational training, you can attach the proof of these to your application. For example:

  • Language certificates
  • Certificates of training in social skills such as public speaking, time management, etc.
  • Certificates of advanced IT training
  • Certificates of professional advanced training
  • Certificates of leadership training qualifications

When you submit a written application, please only attach copies of testimonials and certificates!


When we invite you for an interview, your application has already made an impression on us. You have cleared the first hurdle and now it is important that you convince us of your suitability with your personality. Carefully study the JUNGHANS Microtec website to prepare yourself well for the personal interview.

Be clear about why you want to learn or pursue your chosen profession in our company. Also let your thoughts dwell on what we, as a prospective employer, could expect from you. Always be your natural self during the interview.