What vocational training is available at JUNGHANS Microtec?
JUNGHANS Microtec provides training for toolmakers, industrial mechanics, watchmakers and Industrial Business Management Assistants.

When should I submit my application?
You should submit your application with us by the end of August of the year before the start of the training programme.

When does the training programme at JUNGHANS Microtec begin?
Training begins on 1 September every year.

What school/academic achievement does JUNGHANS Microtec expect of me?
A good secondary school leaving certificate is a requirement for training at JUNGHANS Microtec. For training as an Industrial Business Management Assistant, a secondary school leaving certificate or A-levels are required.

Does JUNGHANS Microtec test candidates during the application process?
Yes, candidates are subjected to an aptitude test.

Can I do an internship before my training at JUNGHANS Microtec?
Yes, doing a school internship is possible.

In which divisions will I be working?
You will get to know various divisions during the training rotation.

Who takes care of me during training?
You will fall under the supervision of our training manager Torolf Zahn. In addition, Christa Glunk supervises our commercial trainees.

How does the vocational school function?
The training takes place in the dual system of vocational training. Trainees attend the vocational school for 1.5 days a week. For the rest of the working time, you will receive on-the-job training at the company.


How long does the training last?
The training as a toolmaker or industrial mechanic is 3.5 years. The training as a watchmaker or an Industrial Business Management Assistant is 3 years.

Can I shorten my training time?
If performance and results are very good, the training period can, in exceptional cases, be shortened by six months.

What do I earn?
Training allowances are based on the rates tables of IG Metall Baden-Württemberg. According to the current rates table the remuneration is
€ 1,037.- in the first year, € 1,102.- in the second year, € 1,199.- in the third year and € 1,264.- in the fourth year of training.

How much leave do I get?
As our employees, trainees get 30 work days leave per year

What are my chances of a permanent position?
Trainees are usually offered permanent positions.

How many trainees work at JUNGHANS Microtec?
JUNGHANS Microtec currently employs 17 technical and 2 commercial trainees.

How can I develop myself further after successfully completing training at JUNGHANS Microtec?
As a mechanic you can later specialise and do further training as a master craftsman, technician or instructor or study mechanical engineering. In addition to the training, we support participation in a 3-year vocational college, which opens the door to subsequent study at university.


Which courses are offered?
There are courses in business administration and mechanical engineering.

When should I apply for a dual study programme?
In the period from July of the year preceding the beginning of the training.

What application documents are required?
Your application should include a cover letter, a curriculum vitae (CV) and copies of the last four school records/certificates (the latter also the half-yearly information).

How does the application process proceed?
You apply to us with your documentation. If you pass the first stage of our selection process, we invite you for a personal interview. Candidates with a qualification from an Advanced Technical College Certificate must also pass an aptitude test at the respective university.

What grades are especially important when applying for a dual study programme?
For acceptance in the study programme with specialisation in business administration, we require good grades in the core subjects of German, mathematics, business administration and English. For acceptance in the cooperative study programme with specialisation in mechanical engineering, natural science subjects, especially mathematics and physics, are particularly relevant.

What is required to apply for a dual study program?
We expect from our applicants above-average performance in the study-related subjects as well as a high level of motivation and enjoyment of working with people and the ability to work independently.

Is a qualification from an Advanced Technical College accepted?
Yes. However, candidates with a qualification from an Advanced Technical College must also pass an aptitude test at the respective university.

Can I apply for a dual study programme at JUNGHANS Microtec, although I have already started or completed training/studies? Yes.

Which universities are cooperated with?
The course in business administration is offered at the Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University in Villingen-Schwenningen. Mechanical engineering is taught at the Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University Stuttgart Campus Horb.


How long does the dual study programme last?
It lasts 3 years.

How is the course structured?
Theoretical phases at the cooperative universities in Villingen-Schwenningen and Horb alternate with practical phases at our company.

What are the working hours?
As is usual at JUNGHANS Microtec, working hours are 35 hours a week and you can make use of our flexitime arrangements.

Do I also get leave while I am studying?
You have 30 days leave per year.

How much is the monthly salary?
You will be reimbursed according to the current rates table of IG Metall Baden-Württemberg, but you will be on the compensation rate for the second year of training right from the start of your training. This means you will get a training allowance of € 1,102.- in the first year. In the second year, your training allowance rises to € 1,199.- and to € 1,264.- in the last year.

What are the chances of permanent employment after graduation?
Under normal circumstances our cooperative university students are permanently employed.

Are there commitment clauses?
No, there is none.

Will JUNGHANS Microtec support me if I want to do my masters degree after the dual study programme?
Under certain circumstances, yes. Due to the variety of masters courses, this is dependent on each individual case and must be discussed individually.


How long in advance should I apply for an internship?
As early as possible, but at least two months before the date on which you want to start with us.

How does the application process for an internship work?
After receiving your application, we will invite you for a personal interview if we are interested.

Which fields of study are particularly in demand in the selection of interns?
You can apply for an internship in our company with almost all fields of study. Most of our internships are in the fields of engineering (e.g. precision engineering, manufacturing/automation technology), information technology and economics.

What is required of me for a student internship at JUNGHANS Microtec?
We expect good grades from our interns and thesis candidates, motivation, enjoyment of working with people as well as the ability to work independently.

What information and documents are required at my application?
Full documentation shall include an informative cover letter, a complete CV in tabular form, latest certificates and the current certificate of enrolment.

What are your duties as an intern at JUNGHANS Microtec?
We try to involve you in an exciting project as far as possible. The aim is to give you tasks that you can perform independently. In addition, by performing smaller tasks and attending meetings, you will gain an insight into daily operations.


How and by whom will I be supervised during my internship?
You will be allocated an experienced colleague from the respective division who will give you exciting tasks to carry out and who you can turn to with questions and problems.

How do I proceed if I want to write my thesis in collaboration with JUNGHANS Microtec?
With your complete application documents and a current overview of your grades from the university, you can apply either directly for a final thesis topic or tell us about your interest in a thesis topic as part of your internship.

Where can I find possible topics for my thesis at JUNGHANS Microtec?
It is possible that a thesis topic can be derived from your participation in projects. The best option is to stay in personal contact with us for clarification.

Is there a minimum period for writing a thesis?
Normally, the timeframe for writing a thesis is determined by your university.

Can I apply for an internship or a thesis as a foreign student?
Basically yes. However, a good knowledge of German is required.

Are there possibilities for work experience as a student?


What are career prospects like at JUNGHANS Microtec?
We strive to fill management positions internally as far as possible.

What are my chances as a young professional (industry novice) at JUNGHANS Microtec when I apply for a vacancy?
This is specified in the relevant job posting.

Does JUNGHANS Microtec also appoint bachelor degree graduates?

Does JUNGHANS Microtec also give career changers a chance?

Will my application be forwarded to additional locations?

Will I go through an induction process at JUNGHANS Microtec?
Yes, you will go through a thorough and systematic induction process. It is also in our interest and is taken very seriously. You will receive a detailed induction schedule on your first day at the company.

Are foreign language skills required?
A good knowledge of English is required. Furthermore, because of our French subsidiary JUNGHANS T2M, knowledge of French is an asset but not mandatory.


Will JUNGHANS Microtec assist me in finding housing?
Limited support services are possible. Talk to us about this.

Can I also work at JUNGHANS Microtec from home?
Yes, there is a company agreement that allows this in principle. This needs to be clarified in each individual case.

Does JUNGHANS Microtec have a company pension scheme?
Yes, half a year after joining the company, JUNGHANS Microtec pays €15 monthly for every trainee and €30 monthly for every employee into the Diehl pension fund. Upon request, this amount may be increased by a contribution by the trainee or employee. This is done through a direct insurance at Allianz.

Do I get a temporary or permanent employment contract?
Usually you get a permanent employment contract at JUNGHANS Microtec. Temporary contracts may be used in case of parental leave representation or temporary projects.


Which documentation should I apply with?
An application at JUNGHANS Microtec should basically include an informative cover letter, a CV and relevant certificates.

What information should my CV contain?
Your CV should include your contact information, your personal data, information on the school career and education/training (information on school-leaving certificates/degrees and thematic priorities in education or in your studies), information on internships and work experience as well as information on skills, interests and additional qualifications.

How can I apply at JUNGHANS Microtec?
You can apply online using our page job offers. You can also send us your application by post (JUNGHANS Microtec GmbH, Unterbergenweg 10, 78655 Dunningen-Seedorf, Germany).

Which type of application is preferred?
JUNGHANS Microtec prefers applicatons online using our page job offers.

Will I get an acknowledgement of receipt?

I will complete my studies soon. When should I apply?
If you intend to start at JUNGHANS Microtec directly after your receiving your degree, you should apply at least three months in advance with us.

Can I apply for several positions at the same time?

I would like to apply for different positions. Is one application sufficient?


How do I know if an advertised position is still open?
You can call our HR department to verify whether an advertised position is still available.

How does the application process work?
After receiving your application, we will invite you for a personal interview if we are interested.

How do I best prepare myself for a personal interview?
Study the information about our company on the JUNGHANS Microtec website.

I cannot find a suitable position on your online job exchange. Can I nevertheless submit an application?
Yes, you are welcome to submit an unsolicited application.

Who receives my application when I applied online for a position?
All applications go to our HR department first.

How does the selection procedure at JUNGHANS Microtec work?

As a rule, two interviews are conducted.

What does a rejection by JUNGHANS Microtec mean in terms of the Diehl Group?
A rejection by JUNGHANS Microtec has no bearing on the Diehl Group.

Who do I contact when I have questions about the status of my application?
You can phone Ms Andrea Kreuzberger (phone +49 7402 181-382) with questions about your application.