Mortar fuzes according to STANAG 4187 – mechanical and electronic
New generation for even more safety

With our broad portfolio of proven and innovative mortar fuzes, we offer our customers the greatest possible reliability and precision with maximum safety at the same time. This requirement is what drives us in the daily further development of our fuzes in order to guarantee maximum efficiency of the mortar ammunition for almost every purpose – whether through mechanical point detonating fuzes, mechanical time fuzes or electronic proximity fuzes.

Innovative wind wheel technology – exclusively at JUNGHANS Defence

With decades of experience and know-how from various fuze developments, we have expanded our portfolio in the area of mechanical mortar fuzes with two further innovative products, the DM111S and the DM183. The DM111S is an impact fuze (with and without delay) for HE ammunition, the DM183 is a mechanical double fuze with time and impact function for illuminating and smoke ammunition. Both fuzes are based on the respective predecessor models, but for full STANAG 4187 compliance they are modified with a new safety function instead of the well-known and proven plug: with our already qualified wind wheel concept, which is currently used in this form exclusively at JUNGHANS Defence.

Maximum mission flexibility through state-of-the-art multi-option fuzes
We have developed our electronic state-of-the-art multi-option FLAME fuze from the combination of proven concepts with innovative technologies, which guarantees maximum efficiency for almost every application. With its different function modes ranging from two proximity modes with different detonation heights over two impact functions (with and without delay), the FLAME forms the starting point for maximum mission flexibility. Due to an internal wind turbine concept that serves as a second independent safety feature, among other things, we also meet our claim for maximum safety.

Trendsetting developments – next generation mortar fuzes even safer
The wind wheel technology eliminates the need to remove a plug manually, which means even more safety and reliability for the mortar ammunition. The fuzes are suitable for mortars of all common calibres, they simplify operation and reduce possible error sources in handling. We at JUNGHANS Defence are convinced that these construction concepts form the basis and the path to the future for the development of future mortar protection.

Product overview


DM111A4 / L171A2

Mechanical point detonating fuze for HE bombs


Mechanical point detonating fuze for HE bombs


Mechanical point detonating fuze for HE bombs


Multi-option fuze for HE bombs

DM93 / M776

Mechanical time fuze for illuminating and smoke ammunition


Mechanical time fuze for illuminating and smoke ammunition


Mechanical time fuze for illuminating and smoke ammunition

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