Fuzes for infantry, shoulder-launched weapon systems and tank ammunition

Reliability proven millions of times over, maximum precision and optimum safety in direct fire: this is what our mechanical, STANAG-compliant fuzes for 40 mm high velocity (HV) infantry grenades and our fuzes for the shoulder-launched weapon system WM90 and tank ammunition for 120 mm Smoothbore Barrels represent. The fuzes are suitable for use with various targets and have pyrotechnic or electronic self-destruction that prevents duds. On this solid basis, we create convincing innovations for high-tech fuzes in the area of direct fire.

MIRA / SPICA – a new generation for maximum effectiveness

New generation of electronic fuzes – programmable with magnetic induction
We are currently developing a new generation of electronic 40 mm fuzes with programmable airburst function (ABF), called MIRA / SPICA. Ignition is just as reliable as with our mechanical fuzes and enables use with the usual mission flexibility in direct fire. Both fuzes have an electronic self-destruction function as well as an integrated electronic impact sensor, which reliably ensures the function up to impact angles of 70° NATO. A mechanical backup function is used to increase the function reliability or avoidance of duds. The new MIRA fuzes were optimised specifically for high-velocity grenades (HV) and the SPICA fuzes for medium and low-velocity ammunition (MV/LV).

One advantage of our new generation of fuzes lies in the programming by means of magnetic induction, which is more precise and reliable than comparable programming methods. Even extreme environmental influences such as snow, rain, direct sunlight or dirt on the cartridge have no influence on the magnetic-inductive programming – the effectiveness remains guaranteed.

Product overview


DM431 / 441 / 451

Mechanical point detonating fuze for 40 mm infantry grenades


Electronic fuze with airburst function for 40 mm infantry grenades


Impact / Impact-Delay fuze with airburst for tank ammunition

DM1625 / DM1626

Electronic fuze with airburst function for the shoulder-launched weapon system Wirkmittel90

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