Competence centres for fuzes and safety & arming devices
Innovative technologies from Germany and France

At JUNGHANS Defence, three competence centres for precision mechanics, electronics and pyrotechnics work seamlessly together to guarantee reliable products with regard to each individual component. The development, construction and production of our fuzes is carried out by our two legal entities JUNGHANS Microtec GmbH in Germany and JUNGHANS T2M in France – from basic precision mechanics to electrical design to integration of energy materials.

For more information about our competence centres, please visit the following sub-pages:


Precision mechanics

You can find fine mechanical fuzes, fuze components as well as fine mechanical safety and arming devices or complete micromechanical components in the competence centre for precision mechanics in Dunningen-Seedorf.


In the electronics competence centre, we develop innovative electronic fuzes – including EFI, LEEFI, microwave and inductive technologies at the La Ferté Saint Aubin site in France.


We take care of stable fuze chains, reliable fuze interruptions or miniaturised electromechanics in the competence centre for pyrotechnics and fuze agents in Troisdorf.

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