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Experience and expertise for over 160 years

Safe fuzes with innovative technologies based on absolutely reliable mechanics and electronics: these are the pillars on which the established trust in the fuze systems and safety and arming devices of JUNGHANS Defence is based. Emerging from the Junghans watch factory, we draw on the unique, precision mechanical experience from over 160 years and combine this with the highest standards of current technical possibilities.

Under the umbrella brand JUNGHANS Defence, consisting of JUNGHANS Microtec GmbH in Germany and JUNGHANS T2M SAS in France, we develop, design and manufacture fuzes of all kinds – from artillery and mortar fuzes to fuzes for infantry grenades, rockets, missiles and torpedoes. As a joint venture between the Diehl (Germany) and Thales (France) groups, JUNGHANS Defence has been supplying large international armed forces and ammunition manufacturers with efficient, reliable fuzes and safety and arming devices for many years.

For more than 160 years, the name JUNGHANS has stood for precision and innovation; a success story that we continue to write today



Innovative artillery fuzes for army and naval systems with maximum reliability and safety – qualified according to AOP, STANAG & MIL-STD.

Exclusive: FREMEN – New generation of multi-option fuzes for marine artillery.


Mechanical and electronic fuzes for mortars of the “new generation” – as impact fuzes, proximity fuzes or time fuzes.

Exclusive: novel wind wheel technology as a second, autonomous safety function.

Direct fire

Electronic and mechanical fuzes for infantry, shoulder-launched weapons and tanks – precise, reliable and safe.

Exclusive: more accurate and secure magnetic-inductive programming for maximum effect on the target under extreme environmental conditions.

Bombs, missiles & torpedoes

Fuzes and safety and arming devices – electromechanical or fully electronic based on EFI or LEEFI detonators.

Exclusive: FBM21 – fully electronic bomb fuze with enormous mission flexibility.

Our competence centres

Precision mechanics

JUNGHANS microtec at the Dunningen-Seedorf site, Germany, acts as a mechanical competence centre for the development and construction of all kinds of fuzes.


Our competence centre for electronics and radar sensor technology is located in La Ferté Saint-Aubin, France. Here, we develop and manufacture electronic fuzes and components.


Our subsidiary DynITEC in Troisdorf, Germany, develops pyrotechnic elements and explosives for stable fuze chains, electronic detonators and more.

Professionally well advised

With locations in Germany and France as well as skills from various, exciting high-tech areas, JUNGHANS Defence is the top address for an international career. Regardless of whether you are looking for an internship, training or a dual studies programme with us or would like to bring your expertise directly to one of our departments: apply to us and get started.

Using resources intelligently

At JUNGHANS Defence, sustainability has equal ranking in addition to our standards for the highest quality of all products. Accordingly, our entire entrepreneurial thinking and actions are geared towards well thought-out energy concepts and efficient sustainability programmes

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